Thursday 21 March 2013

Buying A Burnt Egg and Salt Water: A Modest Shopping List

What sort of modest housewife buys a burnt egg? How low have we sunk as a community when we are being sold jars of salt water for our Seder? Kosher Kingdom in Golders Green is selling these 'must have' items - but must be a trick, the salt water, the burnt egg and even the Seder plate are clearly marked  in Hebrew - just next to the Hoffman's logo  'Rak Le'yemot Hashana, Lo L'Pesach'  Only for days during the year, not for Passover.'  

I'm just a woman, so I am quite confused. At the bottom of the packs, the items indicate that the Kedassia Kashrut Authority has certified them as Kosher for Passover.  This is the kashrut authority of the Union of Orthrodox Hebrew Congregations - an organisation that has asserted itself to have very high kashrut standards, if not some dubious rabbis. 

If I was Mrs Hoffman, I'd be very annoyed.  

Sunday 10 March 2013

Rape on Demand

[Hat Tip: False Messiah via Heathen Hasid]
Not a very modest advertisement: is it so hard to find a decent proofreader?