Thursday 21 March 2013

Buying A Burnt Egg and Salt Water: A Modest Shopping List

What sort of modest housewife buys a burnt egg? How low have we sunk as a community when we are being sold jars of salt water for our Seder? Kosher Kingdom in Golders Green is selling these 'must have' items - but must be a trick, the salt water, the burnt egg and even the Seder plate are clearly marked  in Hebrew - just next to the Hoffman's logo  'Rak Le'yemot Hashana, Lo L'Pesach'  Only for days during the year, not for Passover.'  

I'm just a woman, so I am quite confused. At the bottom of the packs, the items indicate that the Kedassia Kashrut Authority has certified them as Kosher for Passover.  This is the kashrut authority of the Union of Orthrodox Hebrew Congregations - an organisation that has asserted itself to have very high kashrut standards, if not some dubious rabbis. 

If I was Mrs Hoffman, I'd be very annoyed.  


  1. Nice writing.

    Don't really understand you're frustration.

    Seems to be that the Hechsher for Passover is only by KF, that's Kosher Federation, although all ingredients have Kedassia's Kosher supervision for the whole year but NOT for Pesach.
    I just can't understand what can be in salt water that won't make it eligible for a Kedassia Kosher le'Pesach.

    Makes any sense?

  2. Hi Yankel,

    Thanks for the compliment - I can see your reasoning but it still makes no sense to me.

    Chag sameach, Modesty

  3. It could well be that sources of some of the many chemicals that are routinely added to tap water could be chametz...

    Enough to worry (a) the Mehadrin of the Mehadrin or (b) attract those who have worked out that buying the product may be cheaper and easier than having a KLP jug and an extra KLP salt packet.

  4. kathy from katowice22 March 2013 at 12:59

    Modesty, in the United States, they sell pre-sliced carrots to save the scullery maids from having to use sharp knives, and children are taught early that macaroni-and-cheese is made from a packet.... I have lived here for years and never understood it, but it is quicker to slice a carrot than to burn an egg! I have heard of people using ready made essays for school rather than writing their own..... and writing is really quick and easy for us